How I’m Planning: I KISSed My Planner {and I liked it!}

I have a confession: I’m addicted to planners. I know, you’re shocked.

One of my dreams is to create my own planner. Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but that is in the works and I’m hoping to begin the release in October right here on the blog!

At any rate, keeping it real and authentic during the journey is what I’m all about here, so I want to come clean and say that in the process of creating and testing the different planner pages, designs, strategies, and ideas….I’ve gotten a little stressed. I know maybe that seems odd, but one of the things I love about planning in general is that it helps keep overwhelm at bay. With my pages mis-matched, unformatted, and falling out, and my planning strategy in limbo, I have been feeling the crazy!

So I made a difficult decision for a planner addict and designer: I put the planner away. When the tool starts to manage you, it’s time for a system reboot. And that’s how I decided to KISS my planner.

In case you happen to be unfamiliar with the KISS concept it stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

Now, I find calling myself stupid to be a bit unhelpful, so instead I imagine the voices of my Heavenly Father and my amazing husband whispering through my chaos, “Keep it simple, Sweetheart.” Isn’t that much nicer?

Regardless of what term of endearment (or lack thereof) you assign to the last “S”, the Keep It Simple part is always the same, and is really the main point.

So I pulled out a cheap little notebook I had stashed in a drawer, flipped to a blank page, and wrote out a to-do list in blue ink. Nothing fancy. No labeled boxes, color coding, special pens, decorative borders, or colorful pages. And do you know what? Within just a couple of days, my overwhelm subsided. I am sleeping more, feeling more productive, and the crazy brain fog has dissipated.

This is a picture of my actual to do list yesterday:

There’s nothing wrong with the fancy stuff. But sometimes we get so lost in the strategy that we miss the real point.

Whether it’s your planner, or anything else in your life right now, I encourage you to take a moment to breathe deeply and hear and embrace the whispered words of those who love you – and most of all, the One who loves you best: “Keep it simple, Sweetheart.”