Fall Anticipation and {FREE} Printable

Oh, how I LOVE fall. It is far and away my favorite season! (Ok, maybe not far and away, since winter is a really close second; I’m weird, I know.) Much like the retailers with Christmas decor, I get so giddy for fall that I start planning, preparing, and celebrating long before the official season gets here.

However, I want to say that I’m very proud of myself for reining in the plan overload this year and selecting a (more) sensible number of items for my 2017 fall bucket list. And, of course, I couldn’t wait to share!

In truth, the list itself doesn’t really change much from year to year, and my goal is not to check off every single thing. That effort leads to burn out and frustration. Not that I have first hand experience with that! *ahem* What I wanted was something to serve as an encouragement to take time to savor the delights of the season. This is a pretty reminder as I plan out my fall weeks to incorporate time for fun and memories in the midst of all the busy. You can click here to download your own copy!

The first weeks of September have obligingly managed to be cool and rainy, so I have been delighted to break out my flannel shirts and boots. We’ve also already taken a trip to the apple orchard to load up on apples, cider, and cider donuts! And I’ve started to do a bit of fall decorating as well; I hope to share the results here on the blog very soon.

Happy {FALL} planning, everyone!