The Monthly Menu: A Week of Meals in September

The month has been a very distracting kind of crazy busy, so I have not been successful about my normal strategy of weekly meal prep. I still faithfully create a weekly plan, but I have not been able to do the week’s prep over the weekend, resulting in the dinner time rush each weeknight, or, worse still, the white flag of surrender called Eating Out.

However, it hasn’t all been failure over here. In fact, though we have had a few setbacks in terms of the food budget and health goals (blast you, Chik Fil A, and your waffle fries too!), this month has also been proving to me the value of the times I do plan and prepare ahead – both the weekly prep and freezer meals. This week alone, I have pulled meals out of the freezer twice, on top of various components that I freeze in bulk and use for fresh meals. One of those freezer staples, is homemade marinara sauce, and I share my recipe and freezing process for it here.

Just to keep the series in motion, I’ve gone ahead and shared this week’s menu and linked up to the original recipe sources where applicable. If you have any specific questions about the tweaks I note, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.

Have a great week!

This Week’s Menu

Lemon Greek Chicken via Living Well Spending Less (freezer meal), cucumber and tomato salad, roasted potatoes

Roasted Brats and Veggies (freezer meal) based loosely off this recipe at Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish, rice

Pork Ribs in Hoisin Sauce via the Keenan Cookbook (converted for crock pot), rice, broccoli

Baked Ziti via Cooking Classy (subbed my homemade marinara sauce for part of the recipe), salad…UPDATE! I made enough changes that I actually wrote up the recipe, as I made it, here.

Almond Crusted Chicken via iFoodReal and Roasted Honey Root Vegetables via My Recipes

Pizza (using my homemade marinara sauce)



What are you eating this month?